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June 6-9, 2024
Toronto, ON, Canada

Toronto Holocaust Museum

2024 Ride to Remember
Completed Successfully
Pictures available

Oct 03, 2024 to Oct 06, 2024
October Weekend Event in Vermont
Dover, Vermont

Jun 05, 2025 to Jun 08, 2025
2025 Ride to Remember
June 5-8, Charlotte, NC

Welcome to the Jewish Motorcyclist Alliance

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The mission of the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance (JMA) is to create a global environment whereby members of the Jewish faith who ride motorcycles can congregate in person and/or electronically to share and exchange ideas and opinions about matters of concern to the Jewish community at large as well as issues specifically concerning motorcycles and motorcycle riding.

As individuals, we share the fundamental passion to ride motorcycles, but we are also drawn to our clubs by our common faith and heritage. The common thread is our religion, however, the degree and manner in which we choose to observe the Jewish faith varies among our members. Membership or admittance to these clubs is not dictated by faith or brand of the motorcycle; bikers of any religion or brand of bike.

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